From the deep Pacific Oceans, we bring you Purple Tuna Kush OG Strain one of the best indica highs around. Experience this bud wash over you with euphoric dreamy and relaxing sensations that travel from head to toe. Even the veteran smokers are aware this flower will keep you couch-locked with a silly grin loose on your face.

When dealing with medical concerns the name Tuna Kush probably doesn’t come to mind. Nevertheless, your getting one of the best, this kush is extremely strong bringing the user 25% THC giving relief to a range of issues. Mental disorders including anxiety and depression vanish with this flower’s euphoric presence.

Our top “Heady” has given us some feedback on this flower.

“Purple Tuna Kush – sounds like something from the top shelf of your grandma’s pantry!

Amidst the varied cannabis strains on offer today, none goes by the name STAR except the Purple Tuna. While the names mimic the Tuna fish, this cannabis strain is one of a kind.

The Purple Tuna Kush is a popular British Columbia strain that is rich in THC and is a product of a cross between the Lamb’s Bread and Hero Juana Strains. Amongst other things, the buds of this strain buds come with a rich sage green spiced with shades of purple and dark green. All of which is evident and seen only when the bud is broken open. This strain carries a pungent smell, one that is reminiscent of its compact nature sandwiched by the drenched in trichomes.

(B.C) Purple Tuna AAAA+

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